In June, Andrew Spearman of Rydon embarked on a trip to South Africa, working with the charity LIV Village using his industry skills to help with the creation of a new community, bringing new homes and a support network to provide orphaned children the full support and life skills they need.

“LIV Village’s motto is: rescue a child, restore a life, raise a leader, and release a star.”

The project is a village for orphaned children founded on Christian principles near Durban, South Africa and the model is to provide long-term foster care.

Modelling an African village lifestyle, houses are built in clusters of eight homes surrounding a play area, including community facilities such as a clinic, activity halls, school and training centres.

However, the project was placed under much tension as on Monday 22nd May at 4.15 am, 200 to 300 angry protestors besieged the village. This is not unknown to the area, but is the first time for the charity.

Therefore, on Tuesday the 6th June, Andrew set off on one of the longest trips he had ever made, determined to join the charity in rebuilding, restoring and bringing hope to the area.

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