The Rydon brand is well established. But as our business continues to grow, driven by expanding market opportunities, we have embraced a clear message and identity that boldly articulates the value we deliver as a company.

Rydon is focused on Shaping Lives and that is our new strapline.

Shaping Lives is about how Rydon shapes the built environment – largely with a focus on housing, education and healthcare – to deliver learning, living and clinical facilities for the benefit of current and future generations.

We are already known for our commitment to quality and for being a business focused on people. With Shaping Lives, we are adding a new dimension which is a dynamic focus on addressing some of the key societal needs of current generations, namely better schooling, better housing and better healthcare.

As a result, we have also introduced a vibrant, colourful and multi-dimensional figure to accompany our new strapline. This reinforces that we are a people company focused on shaping a positive experience for all the people we touch through the built environment facilities we deliver.

Please take time to review our new Shaping Lives video and magazine. We hope you enjoy our new look and feel.