Contract Name: Hertford County Hospital
Contract Value: £8.25 million
Contract Period: 106 weeks
Architect: Murphy Philipps Architects
Client: Ryhurst

The development of the new Hertford County Hospital was a PFI scheme that saw the replacement of an existing and outdated hospital building with a state-of-the-art facility.  The building was designed to support a new model of care and is capable of meeting strict energy efficiency targets.  It is also flexible enough to facilitate future expansion and modification.

Initial work involved cleaning up a significant contamination issue and removing large amounts of asbestos present in the old buildings.

In order to allow services to continue during the works, an adjacent abandoned building was refurbished to allow for significant decant prior to the demolition works. 

Demolition then took place in three separate stages with two separate decants.

The design of the building took advantage of some under-utilised space at one side of the site and allowed the Trust to sell part of their land for development purposes and thereby generate significant revenue.

An inherent parking problem was also addressed with temporary parking being provided during the decant phases and a larger new car park completed to provide a permanent solution for the finished buildings.