Local authorities today have a bigger part to play in shaping their communities than they have possibly ever had before. With the dramatic reduction in grants for new housing, the ownership of land has become the most important factor in enabling new housing development, and local authorities are significant landowners.

At Rydon we work with local authorities to help them design and deliver the best housing-led community renewal programmes for their communities.  We don't just consider housing: we look at education, health and social care, commercial and recreational facilities and transport links as critical to any urban design solution. This involves working with key partners such as health authorities, commercial developers, PRS investors, housing associations and others, to explore alternatives and to ensure that only the best quality and value solution is delivered.  

We specialise in work within the Greater London area and are currently involved in large-scale housing-led regeneration programmes with the London Boroughs of Ealing, Islington, Sutton and Camden.  To learn more about our work with local authorities, see our case studies or contact Tom Rigby, our Development Director.

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