Contract Name: Allenby & Connaught
Contract Value: £15 million to date
Contract Period: 4-year framework
Architect: NVB Architects & SLR consulting
Client: Aspire Defence/DE

Project Allenby & Connaught is redeveloping the Army barracks located around Salisbury Plain Training Area. It is the largest estates/services Private Finance Initiative (PFI) to be signed by the MOD, with the 35-year contract with Aspire Defence Ltd amounting to some £8bn through life.

The Army’s enduring priorities are to maintain estate conditions, improve living accommodation, rationalise, improve and sustain the higher level of facilities for years to come, making it fit for purpose for the soldiers of the future.

Rydon is a supply chain partner for the Aspire Defence Framework and is currently engaged upon refurbishment and new build projects to bring working and living accommodation and support buildings for the armed forces into the 21st century. The garrisons are located at Tidworth, Larkhill, Bulford and Aldershot.

Rydon has delivered in excess of 20 projects to date for the framework, all executed on live operational bases. The contracts are let on a design and build basis and with true partner ethos, with regular meetings with the client to share best practice and experiences as each commission progresses. Rydon has been awarded several awards from Aspire Defence in respect of quality and health & safety.