Contract Name: Partners For Improvement in Islington


Rydon provides responsive repair and void services for Partners For Improvement in Islington to 6,600 homes in street properties dispersed across the borough.

Many of the properties are listed or located in conservation areas. Working with Partners For Improvement in Islington, United House, Hyde Housing Association and the London Borough of Islington, Rydon takes a partnership approach to service delivery. The long-term nature of these PFI contracts (phase 1: 30 years; phase 2: 15 years) has enabled Rydon to build strong relationships with our service partners and local residents, with a genuine emphasis on continuous improvement.

Rydon’s role

Rydon’s call centre receives repair calls directly from local residents. As well as day-to-day responsive repairs and void maintenance, Rydon performs out-of-hours repairs, carries out maintenance of door entry systems and smoke alarms, and disabled adaptations. Management and delivery of cyclical decorations and lifecycle works are also part of the contract.

Rydon takes a collaborative approach, co-locating the repairs team alongside housing management and asset management staff to ensure a seamless service provision. We have implemented a number of joint initiatives to improve services. Rydon carries out rectification works within responsive repair timescales for the planned works provider during the defects liability period.

A number of successful community initiatives have taken place offering apprenticeships and community gardening projects to support vulnerable residents.