Myatts Field North


Contract Name:
Myatts Field North, Lambeth
Contract Value:
£9.8 million
Contract Period:
63 weeks
London Borough of Lambeth

The overall scheme for the Homes and Communities Agency involves the £150m regeneration of Myatts Field North council estate. Rydon’s role is to refurbish 172 existing homes and a number of commercial units and to maintain the rebuilt estate for a period of 25 years, once it is completed.

The refurbishment element of this PFI contract at Myatts Field North comprises the following works to the Decent Homes Plus standard to 129 tenanted and 43 leaseholder properties (total 172 homes):

  • New kitchens and bathrooms
  • Electrical re-wire to those elements and fuse boards
  • Landscaping and green works
  • New roof covers as required during the lifecycle
  • New windows and doors
  • Refurbishment of commercial units
  • Provision of district heating system

The estate also requires the refurbishment works and upgrading of 305 occupied properties, designated for demolition, on the south of the estate. These homes will be replaced in a later phase as part of the larger estate regeneration.

The refurbishment work has been a rolling programme of works with homes completing on a weekly basis and entering the long-term maintenance programme.

In addition, Rydon Maintenance provides the hard facilities management. This contract is based on a fixed managed risk inclusive basis, with extensive monitoring, reporting and performance criteria.

The partnership will run for a period of 25 years.