Rydon has a long track record of forming close bonds in the communities where we work through our dedicated Resident Liaison team.

Many of our sites are also affiliated with the Considerate Constructors Scheme, an independent body who regularly monitor our site activities.


Rydon has considerable expertise engaging with local stakeholders in the consultation process before stock transfer, refurbishment or re-provision of residential developments across London and the South East.

Over the years, our team has assisted a number of registered providers in securing support from the local community during this important and often delicate process. We have completed many successful stock transfer ballots and have been commended by residents for our clear and factual presentation of information. Amongst other things, the process can involve refurbishing and equipping show homes on each estate to be balloted, arranging fun days and carrying out door-to-door surveys to establish local opinion. We also carry out structural, mechanical and engineering surveys within residents' homes to ensure that the work required is being done.

Resident liaison

We have a team of specialist resident liaison officers who communicate with residents and the local community. This dedicated team acts as the sensitive interface between members of the community and the construction teams, ensuring mutual understanding and respect for each party's needs and interests.

Recognising that residents and the local community should play an instrumental role in any project, we welcome information, local knowledge, support and feedback throughout the preparation and development stages. Our resident liaison team offers communities a wide range of support services before, during and after the works, including information-sharing home visits, freephone contact numbers, information booklets that are detailed but easy to use, and help with packing personal belongings and furniture removal for those who require it. We always ensure that all information provided is clear and well-presented in a variety of formats.

At Rydon’s site offices, our resident liaison officers operate an open door approach and encourage residents to provide feedback, both positive and negative, and to indicate their levels of satisfaction in respect of site staff and subcontractors. Working with residents and the construction team, we aim to ensure that all works are completed with as little disruption to the residents as possible.