The sites we work on can be dangerous places, especially for children. At Ferrier Point, Canning Town, we called upon Ivor Goodsite for his help in ensuring local children knew how to stay safe when works are being carried out in and around their home.

The Kier Hardy Primary School, adjacent to Ferrier Point, accommodated Rydon’s resident liaison team along with Ivor Goodsite from the Considerate Constructors Scheme to deliver a number of school safety talks to the children.

They were advised on the dangers of building sites, how to stay safe when living around a site like Ferrier Point, and answered some quizzing questions about all the uniform that workers on a construction site have to wear.

Rydon safety bookmarks, stickers, pencil cases and colouring books were given to the children to help them understand our message…‘Never Go on a building site!’

In a fun and interactive way, the Rydon team dealt with the children’s natural curiosity and dispelled the mystery about what happens behind the building site hoardings whilst pointing out the dangers of going onto a building site. The children thoroughly enjoyed the session, especially seeing their artwork decorating the hoardings nearby.

The talk was followed by a colouring competition with pupils from years three and four producing images on mdf boards of their ideal home. These were then mounted on the hoardings surrounding the site for everyone to see. Rydon was pleased to engage the children in its work and Ivor also took part in the prize giving to the top three paintings!