A community fun day was held for all residents who live on the Myatts' Field North estate in Lambeth.

The event was held at the Bramah Green Community Centre on the estate and saw many people, both young and old, join in activities that were funded and organised by Rydon and all the other partners on the Regenter Myatts Field North consortium, including Regenter, Higgins Construction, Pinnacle PSG and E.ON.

Activities ranged from energetic Olympic-themed game races and an outdoor Zumba class to a colouring competition and face painting for the children. Food was provided, including a Caribbean-themed BBQ and a big a celebratory cake.

Ivor Goodsite from the Considerate Constructors Scheme paid a visit and took the children through a demonstration of PPE and why safety is so important when working on a construction site.

A video pod was organised for residents to record their experiences of living on Myatts' Field North and what they thought about the regeneration that is currently underway.

To keep residents up to date about the regeneration programme, an exhibition was set up called the ‘info hub’. Each partner of the Regenter consortium gave local residents an opportunity to have their say, posting questions and answers that they had been frequently asking as well as some images of the plans for the next stages of the scheme.

Rydon is working as part of the Regenter Myatts Field North consortium to deliver a major regeneration of the Lambeth estate over a 25-year period. The project includes building 305 new homes, modernising and refurbishing 172 existing homes, providing a new landscaped park with a games area and community centre as well as a new energy plant to provide reliable and efficient heating and hot water.